What is a “small group”? Small groups, cell groups, or whatever name you want to attach to these intimate gatherings within a church, are vital to meet certain relational dynamics. They provide unique opportunities for ministry, fellowship, and disciplemaking that are unmet in other offerings in the church. These smaller bodies within the larger body offer a safe, focused environment where personal challenges and struggles can be discussed with others. It gives believers a chance to pray for one another without making every struggle and need a church-wide affair.

At G3C the goal of our small group ministry is gospel-centered discipleship. We recognize that the road to Christian discipleship is often rugged. The Christian life is a “fight” — a fight against sin, against Satan, and against self. While many choose to hide their struggles from others and fight their battles alone, we do not believe this is how God would have us deal with the realities of life. Christ has given His church to be in fellowship with one another — fellowship that shares our joys and our struggles. The small group ministry of G3C should be one in which our people not only find shelter from the storms of life, but also find soldiers eager to fight alongside them in life’s battles.

Please consider being part of one of the small group ministries now being offered at G3C for this important time of encouragement, fellowship, and prayer as we learn to fight our battles together, share our joys, and bear one another’s burdens. See any of the people mentioned to find out more about our small groups and how you can get involved in one of them.

La Habra – Fridays 7p childcare provided
Larry & Dawn Blair
Sig & Ashleigh Braun

Norwalk – Wednesdays 7p
Miguel & Sarah Martinez

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